Propeller repair

R K Atkinson Ltd has over thirty years of reconditioning and replacing marine propulsion equipment.

Understanding the project requirements and providing quality to client and classification standards.

CPP Hubs reconditioned to 10,000 kgs – excluding Blades & Tailshaft.

CPP Unit

International Dredging clients.

Complete restoration of CPP Hub and Tailshaft.

Custom weld procedure to Lloyds Register classification.

Steering Gear

UK Clients

Component fabrication in material S355J2G3 to X4 CrNiMo 16-5-1

Custom weld procedure to Lloyds Register classification

CPP Blade Failure

International Offshore clients

Repair, recondition and finish machine eight CPP Blades

Custom weld procedure to DNV classification

Last noted service record at nine plus years

Escher Wyss

International Ferry Operators

Complete manufacture and recondition of all internal parts and Blades

Custom recondition procedure to DNV classification

OD Box

International Offshore clients

Modification and complete recondition on OD Box unit

Custom weld and repair procedure to Lloyds register classification


U.K. Dredging clients

Complete recondition and parts manufacture fro Thruser unit

Custom weld & repair procedure to Bureau Veritas classification