Propeller manufacture

  • Replacement Custom CPP Blades, Hubs, Thrusters¬†& associated propulsion equipment.
  • Manufactured or reconditioned to classification society requirements.
  • Individual casting weights in Bronze Alloys to suit your requirements.
  • Stainless steel alloys on request.

The geometric data of propulsion equipment are gathered using state of the art portable CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) technology & CAD software for the best possible accuracy.

From this data we create a 3D virtual model from which the casting pattern is produced and 2D manufacturing drawings created.

This technology can be applied to produce virtually any component.

Typical example for CPP Blades:

  • In the absence of drawings or spare blades we can attend the ship while in dry dock.
  • With only one blade removed we can usually complete our data gathering in one day.
  • New blades manufactured to a standard or modified design.
  • This allows the ship to continue in service, changing the blades at the next opportunity.

International Survey Operator

  • Design and in-house finish machine for two CPP blades to DNVGL Classification.

International Ferry operator

  • Design and in-house finish machine for five CPP blades to RINA Classification.